10/30 (Sat) -10/31 (Sun) Announcement of exhibition reservation for Coulomb school bags in Machida, Tokyo

10/30(土)~10/31(日) 東京都・町田市 クーロンランドセル 展示予約会開催のお知らせ
8/28 (Sat) to August 29 (Sun) Notice of Koulon Land Cell Exhibition Reservations, Tokyo/Hachioji City Reading 10/30 (Sat) -10/31 (Sun) Announcement of exhibition reservation for Coulomb school bags in Machida, Tokyo 2 Minutes Next Apology for leakage of personal information due to misplacing email



Coulomb will travel to your city.

You can actually pick up a school bag at the exhibition and carry it on your back to try it out.
If you have any questions, please take this opportunity to ask questions!


・ Venue to be held soon ・


10/30 (Sat) -10/31 (Sun)

Machida City , Tokyo, 1st floor, Machida Plaza Machida



1. Due to the issuance of a state of emergency, the exhibition may be canceled depending on the venue . If it is decided to cancel, we will notify you on the official website of Coulomb.

2. Wearing a mask    Please wear a mask to ensure the health and safety of our customers and staff.


·event information·


Tokyo· Machida City





Mamatomo Plaza Machida 1F A spacious space near the entrance on the 1st floor and adjacent to the food court




1-24-1 Asahimachi, Machida-shi, Tokyo


Date and time


10/30 (Sat) -10/31 (Sun)


Show time


10 :00 ~18 :00


Presence or absence of reservation


No reservation required



112 on the 3rd floor of the building, 145 on the roof, 54 on the adjacent land, 310 in total (22 in-light vehicles)
120 minutes (2 hours) free on both the building side and the flat side; 200 yen for 30 minutes thereafter
* Convenient warehousing system that does not require service tickets, etc.

Transportation facilities


・ 200 meters along the Machida Kaido from the Asahimachi intersection of the Kamakura Kaido and Machida Kaido
・ 3-5 minutes walk from the bus stop "Nakamachi 2-chome", "Goma Road", "Post Office" 1200 meters from Odakyu Machida Station



Inquiries regarding the Coulomb Exhibition Reservation (Comprehensive)

  Inquiries by phone


[Reception time]

9: 00-17: 00 (excluding weekends and holidays)

  Inquiries by email


 * It may be difficult to answer immediately. Please contact us with plenty of time.



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