I use school bags every day, just like my room!
By regularly, it lasts a long time.
In our shop, we introduce how to clean it for a long time.
In a very simple way, the school bag is also shiny!
Let's take regular care to use it for a long time!
What to prepare
(OK with rags)
(OK even if used)
Towel & toothbrush


Let's sweep out the garbage accumulated in the corner!
Clean the fine dirt!
First, let's sweep and clean the garbage in the corner of the school bag and the groove with a brush or toothbrush that is no longer used!
Eraser scum is easy to accumulate, so please stir well. Check the inner bottom part and the base of the lid!


Next, wipe cleaning!
Squeeze well and dry with a dry towel!
After sweeping the garbage, then a rag (towel).
Let's sprinkle with a dry towel or rag.
Don't forget to take care of the shoulder belt and backpack that comes into contact with the body, as well as the outside and inside!
The bottom of the front belt is quite dirty, where the lid is opened! !
Finally, wipe the whole and finish cleaning! !


Moisture is NG for school bags! !
Finish is shaded!
The last finish when it is refreshingly crisp!
If you leave it moist, it causes mold!
After wiping the school bag, let it dry in a good place with a cold that does not hit the direct sunlight!
This is perfect! !
In order to use it for a long time, daily care is essential.♫