Coulon Land Cell is safe for our customers

To shopping

We have introduced highly safe PayPal payments. Once you have registered your credit card in PayPal, you don't need to enter next.

Below are the benefits of PayPal.


1. About PayPal

Log in to the account,

More faster and safer

You can pay online♪

With PayPal, you can enjoy online shopping with more peace of mind just by logging in to your account with the registered e -mail address and password ( ^ ^).


2. About the difference between PayPal and other payment methods

Credit card information

If you register for PayPal, you do not need to enter next.

You can protect your credit card from illegal use and complete payment faster.

PayPal is registered as an account

Credit card information

It is strictly managed in the PayPal server.

When paying at an online shop

We have introduced a mechanism that does not inform the payment of the credit card number.

So you can pay at the online shop without worrying about unauthorized use of cards ( ^ ^)

We have your credit number in our shop

I can't see it, so I can go shopping with confidence

You can enjoy it ( ^ ^)

3. How to use PayPal's payment system

Select the payment method [PayPal]

If you press the order button, the following screen will be displayed.

PayPal settlement screen

・ If you have a PayPal account,
Click "Pay from PayPal account" on screen 1
Please make a payment after logging in.

If you do not have a PayPal account, on screen 2

Click "Pay by credit card or debit card"

You can make a screen to pay by bank card or credit card, select the desired payment method, and

Please enter information such as card numbers,

If you can enter your email address and Perth Word at this time,

You can easily create your PayPal account.

If you have a paypal account, from the next time
Shop more quickly without entering card information
You can enjoy it ( ^ ^)

4. If you want to use other payment methods

If PayPal payment is not good with the above explanation, Coulon Land Cell

You can use credit card payments and calenti payments on the sub official page.

Purchase on the sub -official page