Apology for leakage of personal information due to misplacing email

Today, personal information (e -mail address) has been leaked due to misplacing emails today.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience to those who have been misled.

1. Explanation
When setting automatic email reply to customers who contacted us from the website, some of the people who have made an error setting of the destination and registered by then (Coulon Land Celle member and related company, Chunichihashi, which are related companies. It was set to send it to a customer who has a history of trading. It turned out that the e -mail with the person who contacted us was sent to all 300 email addresses registered so far. The incorrect transmission started at 14:48 on February 17, and at 15:18 on the same day, we understood this case by pointing out the misplaced customers who received the above email.

2. Correspondence to customers

Correspondence to customers whose personal information has leaked
Immediately after the situation is discovered, customers who have leaked personal information will be contacted by email or telephone, and we will apologize with the explanation of the situation.

Correspondence to customers who have become incorrect destinations
We sent an apology to the destinations of the email and sent an email to delete the email.

3. Leaked personal information
The leaked personal information is only an email address, no address or phone number.

4. Future response

We apologize again for your great concern and inconvenience. We will strive to strengthen our management system so that such a situation will not occur again. In particular, regarding the configuration of the system that works automatically, we will thoroughly prevent recurrence, such as checking the settings by multiple people.

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