・ Price secret 1

Why can I sell it at an outlet price even though it's a new design?

The reason is that Coulon Land Cell is all in -house, consistently planning, design, production, and sales. Normally, there are many stores that purchase purchases using a trading company, but since Coulon Land Celle is sold directly from the factory on its own route without passing through a trading company, the price can be offered cheaply.
In addition, the intermediate cost has been greatly reduced by specializing in sales only for mail order without having a store.
By building this mechanism, it became possible to sell at outlet prices.

Is the price of Coulon Land Cell overwhelmingly cheap compared to other manufacturers, is it an outlet product? It is sometimes said, but Coulon's school bag is not a mold drop, but always has new designs and new colors.

Price secret

Coulon Land Cell is sold with its own price mechanism.

School bags have a 6 -year warranty. But, of course, a six -year warranty should have a lot of cost for the manufacturer. The school bag price includes the cost of after -service, and is considered to be one of the rising school bag prices.
 But school bags aren't so broken, none of them break. Although only some repair costs, the school bag price setting is high overall, and all customers are paying that much cost. Therefore, Coulon Land Cell was able to remove the cost of after -sales service and sell it at a low price. Instead, the burden on the postage related to repair is limited because it is low. However, so as not to be anxious for customers, the warranty period and the defects in the warranty are all free of charge. In other words, the cost of after -sales service is set to a minimum.

・ Popular secret 1

 Why is Coulon Land Cell popular?

 In short, it's a reasonable price.The price of school bags these days is rising year by year. Two or three years ago, the market price was around 30,000, but now the price is 40,000 to 60,000.Despite the six years, school bags are just bags that carry learning supplies, so 50,000 and 60,000 yen are not cheap for ordinary households. Our concerns about the school bag industry, from the idea that "school bags should be a more appropriate price", all processes such as planning, design, sales, after -sales service, etc. are not required, and affordable prices for customers. We provide in.

 ・ Popular secret 2

Coulon Land Cell is cheap, but the quality is a little uneasy.

 rest assured. Our shop has a 7 -day return guarantee. If you don't like it, we will refund your full amount.
 * Please note that the shipping cost will be borne by the customer.

 Of course, there is also a 6 -year warranty for peace of mind.
 * I think there is a Chinese mail -order company that is cheaper than Coulon, but since there is no base in Japan, there will be almost no guarantee for six years.

 If you are not confident in your product, you cannot guarantee that. In this way, Coulon Land Celle does not neglect corporate efforts to reduce customer concerns as much as possible. If you are a little worried, please feel free to ask questions.

・ Popular secret 3

Coulon Land Cel is offered at a low price, but it is also concerned with design.
Both boys 'school bags and girls' school bags have a lot of simple and sophisticated designs, and when we always design only the necessary parts, we keep in mind. So the design and cost are compatible.