Contributor:tk  April 1, 2019

Color: 109LbPurchased on Amazon

Order as much as your child's school bag ... What do you think?
Cowhide, genuine leather, and name -in embroidery ... Etc's orderland cell with over 100,000 yen is abnormal. Whether there is one or not in the class. A school bag sold at department stores. Half is called relatively inexpensive purchased online.
Don't worry about silly things, let's put a name sticker on the entrance goods (laughs)

The appropriate price of the school bag is about 20,000.
And it's not cheap or bad. As you can see if you look at the photos, it is usually good. Is the details sweet? No, not sweet. Moreover, a 6 -year warranty is attached without permission. As an extra, I followed the cover and shoes bag.

The difference between the major "~ -chan" and "~ nohane" is the design. Certainly, if you say which school bag is the best design, the design is more detailed.

But I use it for 6 years. 90%of materials are the same. The child is free to that side. I do giant swing. I did it. There is no need to spend 100,000 such things.

Even if you buy two Coulon school bags, it is much cheaper than a major school bag sold in department stores. Wouldn't it be nice to buy a new one when I was in fourth grade?

Mother Father. Don't worry about the school bag.
Let's stop buying at home forever.

I will boost my parents who are worried. This school bag is okay.

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Contributor:Amazon Customer  February 19, 2019
Color: 110nbPurchased on Amazon
My son who is a freshman this year, but I was thinking of making it lighter because it was small, so I chose this product.
To be honest, I was a little anxious about the price, and when I arrived, it was surprising quality for the cheap price, but I personally don't feel the difference from the major manufacturers so much. The design is simple, the packing is polite, and there is also an extra waterproof cover, and above all, it seems that he likes it. I'm glad I chose this. Recommended for those who seek cospa.
Posted by: hidevonFebruary 18, 2019
The product arrived the day after the order. I was worried because the color was a photo, but the actual thing was slightly brighter and beautiful. The kids are also happy. The feeling of use is actually used, but I am very satisfied at this stage.
Normally, it is normal to use it for 6 years, but the price can be purchased cheaply, so it depends on the child, but I wonder if you can re -purchase different colors on the way.
Contributor:Ha -kun momFebruary 1, 2019
There is a sense of luxury and cool. It was a stylish design and color that could be purchased brown and used until the sixth grade.
The packing was also polite!
Contributor:Nguyen van chinhNovember 26, 2018
This product is very good. My child is okay. thank you very much😊😊
Contributor:DARIO MUYOTNovember 13, 2018
The price is cheap. The thing that arrived was better than I thought. I hope that children can use it for a long time. it's recommended.
It's a bargain♪     
Contributor:☆Papillon☆  November 7, 2018
Purchase pink at my daughter's request. The embroidery and the overall design were cute school bags. With this construction, I think this price is a bargain. I'm looking forward to her daughter going to elementary school and attending this school bag♪
Contributor:Izumi MoritaSeptember 9, 2018
I saw it in various ways, but I thought it was suitable for elementary school students because the quality was good and the price was suitable.

Finding various things and impressed by the colors o (^o^) o

Contributor:Jupiter August 6, 2018

Color: Light bluePurchased on Amazon

She was looking for school bags every time for next year, and she finally hit her color and shaped school bag here (^○^), so she was really good because she loves light blue and looks good. The cute embroidery is the highest color of the highest color than the photo, and the cushion on the back pearl back is also a pink pink. It was better than the photo. I am very satisfied with the wonderful school bag (●^o^●) I am happy to have the bride's ink and be happy (#^.^#) It is very light (^^) The transparent school bag cover also had a bonus.

Contributor:sumiejapanJuly 16, 2018
Nice Bag and Pretty Color. WORTH THE MONEY
June 10, 2018
My daughter is happy because she is cute.
I don't think you can buy it again even if you don't like the color at this price.
May 3, 2018
Producers and dealers and dealers say that school bags have been used for 6 years and they are like gifts from grandfathers, and expensive ones are recommended at the store, but not everyone wants a school bag that costs 100,000 yen. I wanted you to understand, but I asked a child of a friend in Shanghai as a new school.
She was very pleased with her parents.
Contributor: MinokaApril 23, 2018
I was pleased by a foreign child. Black is not too cute, not too cool, and can be used even when the grade goes up.
Contributor:Kyoko FurukawaFebruary 25, 2018
I really like it!
My daughter is decorating it on the desk and watching it every day!
Thank you (^-^)
Contributor:AsboFebruary 3, 2018
I purchased it for my son to enroll this year. The price is reasonable and light and the color is calm. I don't know the durability yet, but I don't think it's inferior to high school bags, such as design. My son is also happy.

Contributor:Kawakami HaganzoDecember 11, 2017
From an acquaintance, school bags can be sold out unless you buy it before summer! I was threatened.
Excavated this school bag on Amazon (^o^)
If you ask Chibi, this color is good! ! ! I buy it.
I was very pleased m (_ _) m
The price is less than half the price of products lined up in stores. It wasn't heavy ...
November 8, 2017
The color of lavender pearl and vivid pink is very cute, and the embroidery is fine and beautiful!
The shape and texture are also ◎ The cushion on the back is thick and easy to carry.

More than I thought!
October 26, 2017
Next year, my son will start elementary school, so I needed a school bag. I'm a foreigner, so I've bought this product for the first time.
At first, I thought the price of the school bag was really expensive, so I went to a store everywhere. I was surprised because Costco was more than 20,000 yen.
But when I went shopping in Amazon, I checked the price of the school bag. There were various school bags, so I started looking for it on Amazon.
I thought this school bag review was good and bought one. When I arrived and opened it, it was more than I thought! High quality! I am happy because it is less than 20,000 yen. It's a really good shopping! Of course it is recommended!
October 20, 2017
Berry Good for the price!
The 2018 model and grandchildren were also happy.
I was saved without the decrease in my wallet!

I thought it was enviable

October 11, 2017
Present to nephews who will go up to elementary school next year
I bought black+brown.
I have purchased school bags in the same price range three times in the past,
The color was different from the monitor and it was heavy
・ This product was the same as the image, so I am satisfied
Entrance and celebration
October 1, 2017
It was good that my grandson liked it. It was cheap. Recommended

school bag

September 20, 2017
Next year, I purchased it for my first grade daughter.
I really like my daughter.
I'm glad she bought it.
I think it's light and can be used up to the sixth grade.
It was good with a cover.

September 11, 2017
I think the design is cute and the construction is solid.
My son is also happy.
It's made in China, but it's more than the price, I'm satisfied.
September 8, 2017
Similar school bags are about 25,000 yen at other stores, so at first I was a little worried that it would be such a cheap OK. I would like to return a total of three, I would like to return it, one daughter, one son, and another friend. The delivery was quick, and when I arrived and opened it, it was more than I thought. There is no difference from the 130,000 school bag, and my friends are happy, it was a good shopping! Highly recommended!
It's a cool school bag
September 8, 2017
It is a gift for children, the real thing is cooler than the photo! My child is delighted! I have seen a school bag without a helicopter at a real store, and I've been worried all the time. It was really nice to be able to do it. The school bag itself is light, the child's back fits properly, and it has a 6 -year warranty, it's a really conscientious shop, I'm happy.

school bag
August 24, 2017
I am very satisfied because the price is solid for the price. Thank you
The best!
August 18, 2017
I've always liked the cube type, but I'm very happy to be able to buy a cube type at this price.
Moreover, it is the best because it is well made.
Very satisfied! I'm glad I bought it! !
July 27, 2017
At first, I was a little anxious because it was not made in Japan. But your reviews were good, and if you couldn't, you should return them ...
The structure is solid and the embroidery is also very nice. For the upper children,⚪I bought a school bag, but I don't think it's inferior to quality and that. It's so cheap (laughs). I think it's enough!
My daughter looked at the silver heart button, wow, glittering heart! ! She cheered. He seemed to like it very much, and I want to carry it every day (laughs)

Super recommended
May 18, 2017
When I ordered, it arrived as soon as the next day!
I personally like this school bag fabric,
It looks like a diamond and has a sense of luxury.
Because it was a gift for overseas friends and children, it was the best choice.
Cospa is good and recommended.
Cute school bag
April 5, 2017
It is a very cute school bag. Grandson is delighted
I think it was very good. In particular, the horizontal embroidery, heart zipper
A word that looks cute everywhere
thank you very much

I'm satisfied
February 22, 2017
I think the design is cute and the construction is solid.
My daughter is also happy.
It's made in China, but it's more than the price, I'm satisfied
This price is the best!
February 11, 2017
It's my first time to buy a school bag on the net, so I'm always lost and it's still expensive.
It was my son's opinion that this design was good.
When it arrives, I'm surprised.
The design is cute, and the material, sewing and packing are solid.
I don't know the difference between the 30,000 yen and 40,000 yen school bag made in Japan.
This price is the best!