List of materials of school bags that you know

The criteria for choosing a school bag are completely different from parents and children.

Children are more design and color than functionality! Parents are functionality and other things ... Choosing a school bag is a once -in -a -lifetime shopping, so the worries are not exhausted! It is a school bag with many such troubles, but from the parent's point of view, it is the point whether it will have a solid six years. However, boys have the same school bag and soccer ball, so it depends on how strong the material is. Especially if you are a full -fledged boy ... So the point is durability. There are three main categories of school bags.

The first is [natural leather

The second is ・Artificial leather

The 3rd one ·Synthetic leather

There are three main categories, but there are various types of them, so I would like to explain one by one. After reading this article, you can see what is the most suitable material. Be sure to check it to avoid regrets.


[Natural leather

The first thing to introduce is natural leather. Cowhide and cordovan are common for using this fabric. First, let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of each material.

▽ cowhide

There are various types of cowhide, and it is common to use steabite, two years old or older, which is often used as a school bag material.

[Advantages of cowhide] ・ The ingredients can bring out the original goodness ・ The more you use it, the more the taste of cowhide comes out -the more you are familiar with the body, and the more resistant to the wound.

[Disadvantages of cowhide] ・ It is not strong in water ・ It requires firm care ・ Heavy school bag ・ expensive price.

[Summary] Speaking of cowhide, it's still durable. It takes a long time to fit your body because it is quite hard to use. However, after a few years, it fits very much on the body. The price is very high, but the more you use it, the more the taste comes out. However, cowhide also has a negative point, which is vulnerable to water. Originally, cowhide does not have excellent waterproofness, so daily care is always needed. In the case of boys, it will gradually become rough, so you will need to care for your parents. However, in other words, it can be said that it can be used for six years by doing rainy days and regular care.

▽ Cordovan

First of all, "What is Code Van in the first place! ? For those who say! ! Cordovan is a horse's butt leather. The biggest feature is smooth, moist and unique touch. It is a luxury material that is not an exaggeration to say. Moreover, its durability is very strong, and it is said to be two or three times that of cowhide. Also, even if you look at the world standards, you can only get a few thousands a month, and you will see the rare value.

[Advantages of cordovan] ・ Materials can bring out the original goodness ・ The more you use it, the more the taste of genuine leather comes out.

[Disadvantages of cordovan] ・ Vulnerable to water ・ Need regular care ・ Because the school bag is very heavy ・ Expensive price ・ It is inevitable that it will end in six years because it is a material that can be used for a lifetime.

[Summary] The benefits are almost the same as cowhide. Regarding durability, there are more than cowhide. Cordovan is a very usable thing, so when you graduate from elementary school, it seems to be popular to make something new using a school bag material. However! ! After all, it is the same as cowhide, and it is also a cordovan that it will be damaged immediately if you do not care firmly.DemeritIt is one of. By taking care of it and pouring your affection, you can bring out more goodness. The above is the material that is often used in natural leather.


Artificial leather

Next is artificial leather. The most used school bag is artificial leather. Among them, the most famous that is often used in school bag manufacturing isThis is Clarino.Clarino is an artificial leather manufactured by Claray Co., Ltd., which is high quality made based on natural leather. First of all, I will introduce materials using artificial leather at once.

▽ Clarino F

Clarinoev is light and excellent in material. It is characterized by being used in many school bags.

 ▽ Clarino Reminica

Clarino Reminica is heavy, but is resistant to scratches, and is characterized by not impaired the material feeling even if used for a long time.

▽ Clarino Toflock

Clarino Toflock is less damaged and is the most durable material in the Clarino series introduced.

▽ Clarino repute

Clarino repute is equivalent to Clarino F with texture, lightness and scratch resistance! However, it is a metallic material with suppleness and luxury.

▽ Clarino Rovenica

Clarino Rovenica is a material used on the back part. It has a strong breathability and antibacterial function and is closer to natural leather.

[Advantages of Clarino] ・ Lightweight and less likely to collapse than leather ・ Excellent waterproofing ・ Rich color variations ・ Very easy to clean.

[Disadvantages of Clarino] ・ If you get scratched, you can see the material inside ・ Even if you use it, the material itself does not appear, it looks cheaper than leather

[Summary] Clarino series has a lot of series, so it is difficult to choose. Among them, there are advantages according to each series, so I think it is best to choose there. Also, in some overseas school bags, the material isIt is written as Clarino, but in this information,Clarino Basically, it is difficult to leak overseas, so it is important to note that the true failure is.


Synthetic leather

Finally, I will introduce synthetic leather. The most used one of them is the PU material. Synthetic leather is a material that resembles leather made by human hands.

▽ Urethane leather (PU)

[PU merit] ・ Compared to genuine leather, it is inexpensive, lightweight, waterproofing ・ It is less likely to lose its shape ・ Color variations are very abundant ・ Easy to clean.

[Disadvantages of PU] ・ Compared to genuine leather, it is inferior to durability ・ It looks cheaper than leather.

[Summary] PU is inferior to durability because it is more artificial than leather. However, what is attractive is the cheapness. "PU is subtle because the material is bad! ? I often hear, but recent PUs are quite solid compared to the past and have improved durability. Genuine leather is too expensive to buy! Isn't it the most suitable material for those who like? I think PU = bad is an old story. After that, it is waterproof that can be called PU characteristics. PU plays water because it is waterproof even if it is resistant to rain and wind and does not care for it. That said, if you neglect your usual care, the results are visible. It is the same for any material.

[Finally ...] The school bag is really sharp. The price varies depending on the material, and the price varies depending on the design. I think it's best to choose a school bag that suits the most conditions. Any expensive school bag will break if you do not handle it violently. Of course, the opposite is true. The point is that it changes at all depending on how well you care for 6 years.

If you do not know how to clean, the school bagHow to cleanPlease refer to the page, so please refer to it.