History of school bag

actually! The history of school bags dates back about 140 years ago. Red and black were common for school bags up to decades from grandpa and grandma. Nowadays, many color variations are being developed, and some of them are too noticeable, such as gold and white. However, even if the design changes, it has always been familiar to Japanese people, and it is an inseparable relationship. Learn a surprisingly unknown birth secret story and use it for choosing a school bag!


The origin of school bags is the Netherlands

Most of us Japanese are in Japan! ? Most people think. At that time, it was used as a soldier's bag (a rucksack now), and it seems that one theory is that it started using a cloth that has already been used in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, this bag is called Lancel, which is a famous story that it went to Japan and became the word school bag. Until it was used as a student bag, it was a bag for soldiers. It was in Meiji 18 that it began to be used as a student bag. At that time, horse carriages and rickshaw were generally banned in schools and rickshaws at Gakushuin (now elementary schools and junior high schools). Therefore, it is said that it was used as a commuting bag for putting lunches and textbooks. At that time, the bag used by soldiers began to be used in elementary schools nationwide in 1956. However, in rural areas, it is still small, and it seems that many children go to school using furoshiki.


 Suddenly generalized since the war

After the war, during the development of Japan, the culture of "homework" was becoming commonplace at school. In other words, the school bag was taken home from school and studying at home, and school bags were indispensable. However, the school bag at that time was a poorly made cow skin, and it was a very heavy bag. Our school bag is about 1200g, but at that time it seemed to be about 2000g. Although it is a very small part, it seems that there was a school bag with patterns and patterns already in the 1950s. It seems that there was a flower pattern and a boy who played baseball. From there, the growth of the school bag accelerates at once. By the time of the 1980s, durable and light artificial leather became the mainstream.


Diversified overseas in the Heisei Ordinance

In the Heisei era, two -tone color and embroidery are mostly occupied. Recently, collaborations with sports makers and collaborations with animation are spreading and variations have become rich. Also, like Japanese anime, I like Japanese products, like Japanese products, and Japanese school bags are popular to some overseas children. In addition, school bags begin to become popular not only for children but also for adults. Until now, the school bag was used by children, but with Europe and overseas celebrities, adult school bags began to become popular at once. In fact, a photo of a Hollywood actress carrying a pink school bag used by a Japanese girl was on the world. From there, hundreds of thousands of things are very popular, making it difficult to get. The popularity of adult school bags is not only a real store, but it has become very popular in the out stock in mail order. In addition, the horizontally long school bags and designs that have changed their style are gradually increasing, but it seems to be increasing.