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School bag philosophy

With the motto that you can buy good products at a low price, you can buy them anytime, and you can buy them immediately. Coulomb school bags have a unique business model that consumers can easily buy, reducing unnecessary expenses and selling at low prices.ができました。

2022 Joint School Bag Exhibition

We will exhibit at the Chiba venue on Sunday, June 5th!

Venue The Cube Hotel Chiba 3F3F

 Sinfonia 260-0025 

1-45 Tonyacho, Chuo-ku, Chiba

※We do not offer parking ticket service。

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Coulomb- ソナタシリーズ- ネックレスモデル- 2022年度 - 5色展開 [BL.RS.0076] - ランドセル-安い-激安-格安-子供モデル
Coulomb-ソナタシリーズ-迷彩モデル-2022年度-2色展開-アップグレード版 [BL.RS.0075] - ランドセル-安い-激安-格安-子供モデル
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