Coulomb・ソナタシリーズ・迷彩モデル・2023年度・2色展開・アップグレード版 [BL.RS.0075] - coulomb
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Coulomb・ソナタシリーズ・迷彩モデル・2023年度・2色展開・アップグレード版 [BL.RS.0075] - coulomb
Coulomb・ソナタシリーズ・迷彩モデル・2023年度・2色展開・アップグレード版 [BL.RS.0075] - coulomb
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Coulomb-ソナタシリーズ-迷彩モデル-2022年度-2色展開-アップグレード版 [BL.RS.0075] - ランドセル-安い-激安-格安-マチ
Coulomb-ソナタシリーズ-迷彩モデル-2022年度-2色展開-アップグレード版 [BL.RS.0075] - ランドセル-安い-激安-格安
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Coulomb-ソナタシリーズ-迷彩モデル-2022年度-2色展開-アップグレード版 [BL.RS.0075] - ランドセル-安い-激安-格安-前袋
Coulomb-ソナタシリーズ-迷彩モデル-2022年度-2色展開-アップグレード版 [BL.RS.0075] - ランドセル-安い-激安-格安
Coulomb-ソナタシリーズ-迷彩モデル-2022年度-2色展開-アップグレード版 [BL.RS.0075] - ランドセル-安い-激安-格安
Coulomb-ソナタシリーズ-迷彩モデル-2022年度-2色展開-アップグレード版 [BL.RS.0075] - ランドセル-安い-激安-格安-引き手-ファスナー
Coulomb-ソナタシリーズ-迷彩モデル-2022年度-2色展開-アップグレード版 [BL.RS.0075] - ランドセル-安い-激安-格安-かぶせ裏
Coulomb-ソナタシリーズ-迷彩モデル-2022年度-2色展開-アップグレード版 [BL.RS.0075] - ランドセル-安い-激安-格安-鋲

Coulomb / Sonata series / Camouflage model / 2022 / Two-color development / Upgrade version [BL.RS.0075]

Sale price¥20,000 JPY
SKU: BL.RS.0075 110NB

Selection point for school bags

5 points you want to check to avoid failure


1, lightness

For first -year students, school bags are large and heavy belongings. The weight of the school bag is about 1kg to 1.3kg, which is a light weight if it falls below 1.2kg. (Our school bag is about 1.2 kg) And the fit when carrying it is as important as the weight. When the school bag fits on a small body, I feel "heavy" when carrying it. Lightness is an important point for children with small body because they are used every day for six years.



2, size

Is the point whether the A4 flat file will enter? All school bags in our shop are A4 flat files. The size of the school bag and the storage pocket are significantly directly linked to the convenience of using it. If a school bag without storage capacity will not be printed or textbooks, he will swell in the bread and cause the shape collapse. Ideally use a school bag that has a spacious storage capacity even if you put a textbook, and a natural function that you can hook your luggage.



3, design

The most worrisome point for your child! Cute, cool is now natural! Which color design do you want to consult with your child? It is also important to discuss it.



4, strong

The school bag has been used for 6 years! It has never been strong. Is it possible to repair and replace it when it is broken? 6 years of compensation period is natural! It is safe even in case of emergency. (Our shop has a 6 -year repair guarantee, but the repair shipping fee may be borne by the purchase period. For detailsAfter -sales servicePlease check the page. )


5, after -sales service

Our shop has provided support before and after purchase. If you have any questions or anxietyPlease feel free to contact our exclusive school bag advisor!



A shadow that reveals a camouflage pattern by adjusting the amount of light, chic and casually fashionable


110NB navy

241NB / BK Navy x Black



Discerning design









Ease of use is kindness



    Back can shoulder belt to reduce the burden

Raise the base vertically,

Eliminates the gap between the upper part of the body and the body. 


 Automatic lock lock

 A two-stage adjustable lock lock is used for the lock.

Insert the metal fittings into the twisted part,

Equipped with a function that closes with a light push.


    With a shape that distributes the weight of the school bag over the entire back

It fits your body.

Uses a material with excellent breathability and antibacterial properties.


Naskan on both sides

Naskan, which allows you to hang simple things, is installed on both sides.

The spring part spreads like a feather,

There is no need for force when opening and closing, and there is no need to worry about pinching your fingers.


Large gusset entrance reinforced structure Supports A4 flat files

Near the entrance of the large gusset, which is the most burdensome for storage,

Reinforcing material is installed inside so as to surround it.

Strength of the entire school bag while maintaining suppleness

Raise it to prevent it from losing its shape.


D-can for security items

Hanging a security buzzer, horn, etc. on the upper part of the shoulder belt

D-can Installed. By installing it on both sides, it can be used on both sides.

Coulomb original parts that are particular about design.





packing box


boot bag


◆ Delivery method We will deliver by Yamato Transport / Sagawa Express / Japan Post. (Free shipping nationwide)

◆ Shipping time It takes time for the Coulomb school bag to be delivered. The shipping time depends on the type and color of the school bag. Usually delivered from 3 to 5 days (special situations are delayed by 5 to 14 days). Please be assured that we will contact you by email as soon as we know the slip number.

* Please make sure that you have received the e-mail from us and that you have not received any junk e-mail.

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① 品質保証書
② 化粧箱(複数タイプ)
③ 保存用巾着袋
④ ブランドカード&説明書
⑤ ランドセルカバー
⑥ ナップザック or 靴袋
⑦ 時間割、ネームカード(複数タイプ)

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