Coulomb・カデンツアシリーズ・サッカーモデル・2023年 ・2色展開 [BL.RX.0041] - ランドセル-安い-激安-格安-子供モデル
Coulomb・カデンツアシリーズ・サッカーモデル・2023年 ・2色展開 [BL.RX.0041] -ランドセル-安い-激安-格安-子供モデル
Coulomb・カデンツアシリーズ・サッカーモデル・2023年 ・2色展開 [BL.RX.0041] -ランドセル-安い-激安-格安-ブルー
Coulomb・カデンツアシリーズ・サッカーモデル・2023年 ・2色展開 [BL.RX.0041] -ランドセル-安い-激安-格安-レット
Coulomb・カデンツアシリーズ・サッカーモデル・2023年 ・2色展開 [BL.RX.0041] -ランドセル-安い-激安-格安-レット
Coulomb・カデンツアシリーズ・サッカーモデル・2023年 ・2色展開 [BL.RX.0041] -ランドセル-安い-激安-格安-マチ
Coulomb・カデンツアシリーズ・サッカーモデル・2023年 ・2色展開 [BL.RX.0041] - ランドセル-安い-激安-格安
Coulomb・カデンツアシリーズ・サッカーモデル・2023年 ・2色展開 [BL.RX.0041] -ランドセル-安い-激安-格安-自動ロック

Coulomb ・ Cadenza series ・ Soccer model ・ 2023 ・ Two colors available [BL.RX.0041]

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Selection point for school bags

5 points you want to check to avoid failure


1, lightness

For first -year students, school bags are large and heavy belongings. The weight of the school bag is about 1kg to 1.3kg, which is a light weight if it falls below 1.2kg. (Our school bag is about 1.2 kg) And the fit when carrying it is as important as the weight. When the school bag fits on a small body, I feel "heavy" when carrying it. Lightness is an important point for children with small body because they are used every day for six years.



2, size

Is the point whether the A4 flat file will enter? All school bags in our shop are A4 flat files. The size of the school bag and the storage pocket are significantly directly linked to the convenience of using it. If a school bag without storage capacity will not be printed or textbooks, he will swell in the bread and cause the shape collapse. Ideally use a school bag that has a spacious storage capacity even if you put a textbook, and a natural function that you can hook your luggage.



3, design

The most worrisome point for your child! Cute, cool is now natural! Which color design do you want to consult with your child? It is also important to discuss it.



4, strong

The school bag has been used for 6 years! It has never been strong. Is it possible to repair and replace it when it is broken? 6 years of compensation period is natural! It is safe even in case of emergency. (Our shop has a 6 -year repair guarantee, but the repair shipping fee may be borne by the purchase period. For detailsAfter -sales servicePlease check the page. )


5, after -sales service

Our shop has provided support before and after purchase. If you have any questions or anxietyPlease feel free to contact our exclusive school bag advisor!



Discerning design

Simple but with details



Thematic football elements



Unique and original Kabuse studs and charms.

With black nickel metal fittings and elegance


The lock of the cover automatically rotates with one touch

A type that closes. The buckle is also metal and glossy.



The most practical of school bags

important Is the storage capacity, Small gusset

Adjust the belt Style that can be done.

maximum Can be expanded up to 6 cm.

Frequently used box-shaped pencil case

30mm size.

Surprisingly large capacity Storability

and The added ease of use is

Upper grades With confidence Can be used

Coulomb School bag concept That

It is a thing.

Small items are stored on the front of the small gusset

Pockets you can Equipped with. fastener

Because it opens wide to the left and right Storability

Is also outstanding. Furthermore, connect the keys etc.

Can go D-can is attached.

Name card holder Transparent to display

The tongue is attached.

Plaid with a stylish chic color scheme

Behind the cover Large gusset entrance reinforced structure

The most burdensome when storing Large gusset

Near the entrance, so as to surround it

Reinforcing material inside Installed. Suppleness

Strength of the entire school bag while maintaining

Is raised to prevent it from losing its shape.






packing box


boot bag








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