One, what should I do when a bug occurs?

1. Find evidence of purchase. In other words, it is evidence that it was purchased someday someday.

(1) If you purchase online, please check the purchase shop and order number before presenting.

(2) If you purchase at the actual store, please check the purchase store and present the receipt.

2. Contact each purchase destination.

(1) If you purchase online, please contact each shop and prepare an order number, purchase date, or a problem before contacting us.
Please prepare photos or videos as much as possible, and it will be easier to determine if you can repair it. Therefore, we recommend that you contact us by e -mail.

(2) Contact the email, telephone or store directly, or apply at the store.


3. We will inform you of the repair destination, so please send the repaired school bag to the repair destination.

Second, how long does it take to repair?


The period required for repair depends on the broken part, the degree of damage, and whether there is parts stock. If there is a case that can be repaired the next day, it may take about three weeks.

3. At the time of repair request, please be aware of the following.

1. Remove all of the school bags, such as key chains, amulets, named tags, timetables, and name cards. Finally, the inside of the school bag is empty.

2. Put it in your cardboard box, paying attention not to bend the tip of the shoulder belt when the product arrives.

3. There are times when you can not find a problem, so please put the paper on the desired repair or fill out the memo.


4. Make a note of the order number when purchasing, the grades of the user (how many grades), or the name, address, and phone number of the repaired product at the same time. If the return destination is not entered, we will return the information included in the invoice as it is.


5. After returning, if you contact the purchaser once or if you do not contact you, please understand that you will not be responsible if your luggage is lost at the repair center.