Coulomb Coulon Land Cell has been selected as the goo ranking "15 popular schools Recommended rankings"!

Coulomb Coulon Land Cellgoo ranking15 popular recommended rankings of school bags]!


 This time, Coulomb Coulon Land Celel is that famousRanking site----「goo ranking selectWas featured in.

 "15 popular recommended rankings of school bags"We also introduced four models, and we believe that this is a proof of patronage from our customers.


At first, in "Choose with ease of carrying" 105R Camouflage model




The second is "Pay attention to" back cushion "if you want to emphasize the comfort of your back."BL.RX.0029 110nb Prayer model



Next, in "Check for security and weight" 109LBRibbon model



Finally, in the article of "15 popular school bags recommended rankings [also brands that are easy to carry]", 5 popular school bags for boys.

The first placeI was selected.

Prelude Series Basic Model (Boy)BL.RS.0071 105R


Word of mouth

"This time, I purchased it for the second son's enrollment, but the price was solid, even though the price was cheap, and my son was pleased with the cool design. I am looking forward to the entrance ceremony."

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---->"15 popular school bags recommended rankings [Some brands are easy to carry]"

"Goo Ranking Select" is a web media that reports how to select products, recommended products, and related information to an expert in each genre for ordinary users.

I think Coulon Land Cel will have to make further efforts, as if the patronage of such a customer is rewarded. In the future, we will make efforts not only in cost performance but also in color as well as quality, design, after -sales service, so we look forward to your continued support of Coulon Land Cell.

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