Coulomb Coulon Land Cell was selected as a recommended school bag in My Navi 2021

This time, Coulomb Coulon Land Cell has been featured in that famous navigation site ---- My Navi.

In 2021 Land Cell Recommended 25 Selections of Coulon Land Cell were also selected. We believe this is a proof of patronage from our customers.

I think Coulon Land Cel will have to make further efforts, as if the patronage of such a customer is rewarded. In the future, we will make efforts not only in cost performance but also in color as well as quality, design, after -sales service, so we look forward to your continued support of Coulon Land Cell.


"My Navi Recommended Navi" 2021 Rand Celel Recommended 25 selections

"My Navi Recommended Navi"Is a web media that reports how to select products, recommended products, and related information to ordinary users who are online shopping for general users.

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