Notice of price revision

In the past year, the trend of the new colon virus has had a great influence on us, but thank you very much for Coulon Land Celel.
By the way, we will inform you about the change in the selling price of our school bag we handle.
As you know, the market price and artificial expenses of raw materials have continued to rise in the expansion of the new colon virus, resulting in the rise in school bag production costs. Furthermore, as prevention measures are developed, the distribution costs so far have increased significantly, and the yen is depreciating the yen, making it extremely difficult for Coulon Land Celel, which is a low -margin -selling price to maintain the conventional price. 。
Therefore, I am very unhappy, but I will change it as described below.

1. Implementation date: From January 1, 2021 (Site price adjustment is December 31)
2. Price upper width: Land bag products over 10 %

In the future, we will continue to work on improving the quality and service level, and will be sincerity and encouraging to be more satisfied. Thank you for your awareness of various circumstances.
We pray for your health and happiness so that the new year will be a good year.

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