Coulon Land Cell / New Product Introduction for 2022

20212022Introducing new models of Coulon Land Cell for the year


At the end of the year, we will introduce the new models developed by Coulon Land Cel this year for 2021-2022.

Because it is a new release time, the price setting is also very attractive! The design is also devised, and customers who have not yet decided to purchase school bags next year.

Please consider the new model of Coulon Land Cell!





1. Majestic lion model (Lion Model)


The animal series Eagle model, which was developed last year, has been well received by many customers, following the Eagle this year, and a lion who likes children will be a motif! A simple lion head pattern in one corner of Kabuse is a reflector using embossed and special materials on the site.



2. Simple and cool fire model (Fire Model)


Black, red, black and blue two colors, simple and color combinations are good, and the design of the Kabuse and the gusset express the motif fire! Fire is a symbol of passion and power! In particular, the feature is that there are a variety of flames that can discolor the gusset part as a reflector. The zipper bracket also uses Coulon's original fire motif bracket. Ideal for cool and unique children!






3. Elegant and elegant rose model (Rose Model)


Pink and silver rose embroidery is focused on! Large area, luxurious and polite embroidery, very suitable for elegant and elegant girls!




4. Neat necklace model (Necklace Model)


A simple design, drawing a necklace embroidery with a motif with a kabuse, and one point in the gusset has a girl's favorite heart and ribbon! Simple but elegant and very good for neat children! Especially blue, which is close to navy, is unusual for girls, but it is very popular since its release!

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