About the guarantee policy of Coulomb school bag

Is there a one or six year warranty?

   Our shop has a 6-year warranty for peace of mind.If you need repairs, please feel free to contact us.In the case of overseas, it is not covered by the warranty.

2. Please tell me the details of the warranty coverage of the Coulomb school bag.

  The Coulomb school bag has a 6-year repair warranty service, but please note that there is a difference between free repair and paid repair depending on the warranty contents and defective parts.

  1. We are aware that the following cases have problems with the quality of the school bag, so they are covered by the warranty.
  (1) Failure such as metal fitting removal
  (2) Lock failure
   (3) Broken belt
  (4) Unraveling of thread
  (5) Failure due to other manufacturing defects

  2. Please note that the free warranty does not cover the following cases and not limited to this, if the product is damaged or damaged due to careless handling or handling contrary to the instruction manual. (Excluding initial defects)
  (1) Fabric (leather) cracked and damaged
  (2) Abrasion and unraveling of embroidery thread
  (3) Main body box crack
  (4) Cracked back
  (5) Take the handle
  (6) Changes in appearance such as scratches that occur during use.


3. Coulomb repair warranty policy and cost burden

 1, within the warranty
(1) After purchasing Within 1 year : Free repair, return and resend shipping fee will be borne by Coulomb school bag.
  (2) After purchasing Within 1 to 2 years : P Return shipping fee Coulomb school bag will bear the customer's burden, repair fee, and resending shipping fee.
 (3) More than 2 years and less than 6 years : The return shipping fee will be borne by the customer, and the Coulomb school bag will repair it free of charge.
 (4) If the customer cannot submit valid proof of purchase, the Coulomb school bag will repair it free of charge, but the customer will be responsible for the round-trip shipping fee.
 (5) If you do not want to repair a broken school bag, you can purchase all school bags at 40% off with one cut on the official website of Coulomb. However, old school bags must be returned to the designated place, and the shipping fee will be owned by the customer.

 2, not covered by warranty

 Customers are responsible for shipping or repair charges. If you don't want to repair a broken school bag, you can buy all the school bags at Coulomb's official website only once with 30% off.However, old school bags must be returned to the designated place, and the shipping fee will be owned by the customer.


4. About repair shipping insurance 


  If a customer who has purchased the repair shipping insurance has a problem with the school bag, we can repair it as many times as you like for 6 years with free round-trip shipping and free repair fee. All costs will be borne by the Coulomb school bag. Customers do not have to pay 1 yen.If you purchase repair shipping insurance, you can get free warranty even if it is not covered by the warranty. However, once the repair is completed, the insurance will be automatically terminated.

5. What is the repair fee that is not covered by the warranty?


  It depends on the problem, but it will be about 1000-3000 yen.

Six, the quality guarantee is attached, but nothing is entered in the column of purchase date and dealer, is it okay?

 Yes, it's okay, if you buy online, don't enter the date of purchase, please be assured that the history of online purchases remains.

 If you purchase a Coulomb school bag and give it to someone else, we recommend that you enter your order number once for children who will use the school bag in the unlikely event of a malfunction. (When you receive the repair warranty, you need to check the purchase history.)


7. I bought it from another store, but is there a guarantee?

 During the warranty period and warranty period, Coulomb school bags will only support free repairs, but the shipping cost for repairs is basically based on the after-sales service policy of the agency, so please contact each supplier. Regarding after-sales service, in principle, this service center accepts inquiries only for customers who purchased from the official website, but if you purchased from an agency, please contact each shop.

 * Other stores are only contract agents.Free repairs are not available for non-contracted agents, so please check before making a purchase.


I have an eight or six year warranty, but why do I have to pay the shipping fee when requesting repairs one year later?


 Coulomb school bags are sold at a unique price system.

 It is thought that the price of 50,000 yen and 60,000 yen for a major school bag maker includes a lot of repair warranty costs. However, school bags do not break so much, and not everyone breaks.Even though it is only a part of the repair cost, I think that all the customers are forced to bear the cost. Therefore, we were able to remove the cost of the Coulomb school bag and sell it at a low price. Instead, it's a low profit, so you can't bear the shipping costs for repairs. However, in order to avoid the anxiety of our customers, we will repair all defects covered by the warranty period and warranty free of charge.